Wednesday, November 23, 2005

my weekend

tomorrow (thursday) - pick up gram, thanksgiving here w/ more people than ever (12 people)
Friday - hardcore shopping
Saturday drive back to school

ok at hometomorrow or Friday i have to make peanut butter balls and chocolate covered pretzels.

then also want to finish knitting scarf
it's half done (started last christmas break)
then dms - probably 20 hours to do all that SHOULD be done. i want to do more.
psych project - 20 hour minimum to complete the project due dec 1(paper + way to present material and y)
psych std chapter 50 pages that was due last week but i wasnt' there. plus chapter 12 due for monday (14 pages left ot read) then chapter 20 is due Thursday 20 pages

ok then advanced heat transfer test after we get back and it's like a foreign language to me
but then i got all these sudoku puzzles to do too. timmy gave me my christmas present of 4 books today. yes it's early. not as early as my birthday present from him though.

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