Wednesday, January 25, 2006


made the worst deal of my life. I didn’t think Timmy would follow through.  We had to get mattresses down the stairs and last time it was really hard with 2 people.  Well hard to get it up.  Timmy still had laundry in the washer from like 8 hours earlier. He was trying to get his last freebee well then he said “you do my laundry and I’ll bring the stuff down” I didn’t think he’d do it. Then he did it. Now I’m stuck drying his last load of laundry. (I had to put load one in dryer and load 2 in washer and then load 2 in dryer.)

I meant ot post that last night.

i keep sneezing this morning and my back hurts.

I'm not going with dave for the bloodwork so I can finish up here.

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