Tuesday, January 24, 2006


the health center e-mailed him saying to call and make a follow up appointment. first of all how did they get his info, and then he graduated so they shouldnt be getting his info.  they didnt know he graduated apparently. so then they said o we can't see you. then he finally gets ahold of someone at the diabetes center and they say they wont make an appointment until we find out if they are in network. well he gets off the phone and finds out and they arent.  so now he has to find a new place and this and that and he starts looking. then he gives up and says he needs to eat.  he does need to eat but doctors offices have the weirdest hours and they might be gone for the day, espeically if it's a specialist. i cant' believe i let him talk me into letting him sleep late AGAIN. I'm madder at him right now because he doesnt care enough to try to get these follow up appointsments. he can only get an appointment today or tomorrow. he should have called earlier.  w e're leaving Thursday. He's not used to this. he never goes to the doctors.

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