Thursday, April 9, 2009

lots of stuff

today was a busy day at work.

i got invited to some training. 500 people in all of westinghouse (counting in europe) got invited. i have to go april 22 so now my dinner plans won't work.

we bought paint tonight to paint dave's office. i have a feeling that he wants to paint this weekend even though there is a lot of other stuff that should be done first.

i went to the gym today and only worked out for an hour and 20 min because i had to hurry. very few people were there because it's like a fake friday since no work tomorrow.

i have to do so much work this weekend.

i've been getting comments from numerous people (who aren't my manager) that i'm working too much.

yesterday i made the coolest graph ever. i'll upload it later when i'm on my laptop and then link it. timmy refuses to look at it.

i did tae bo yesterday. it was hard work. my knee couldn't keep up and some of the jumping things i wouldn't do. it's too much pounding.

i still have to do more cardio tonight since i had to cut my workout short.

i didn't like my chicken tacos at on the border. they were too blah. i asked for the spicy sauce on the side. that's probably why. i put some on but it wasn't the same. i would dip my fork into the sauce and then scoop rice though.
i was mad i asked for a side of queso and the side cup i got was less than half full and it cost me a buck.

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