Sunday, April 19, 2009

update: Kelly's Wedding, Dresses

i danced to 1 song on because they forced all married couples. then about halfway through my knee did not like the pounding/movement in the heels i wore. so my knee hurt the rest of the night

dave was willing to stay at that wedding longer than any wedding it seems. i actually was the one that said to leave (at 10something) because i wanted to get home and ice my knee. but i got home and never iced it.

the mother of the bride was trying to get everyone to dance to this sq dance. i said i had knee surgery 2 months ago and she left me alone. i would be dead if i did that.

today is orthodox easter. we call it russian easter. to help with my super busyness. i canceled my one plans today with coworkers even though i've been waiting for the start of people to hang out outside of work.

so my dress was too big yesterday and i was mad. after i got home i tried on all my dresses. the one that fits (the only one that fits right) is from 10th grade. all the rest are way too big around the waist. i have a wedding to go to in a month so i may be wearing an old dress instead of the new one. unless i can talk my mom into altering a dress or 2 for me. she did comment that they'll fit later. i don't know how my waist got small since it was before i really started working out. i was just doing different knee exercises. i keep running out of time so i don't do them ALL and i'm not sure which exercise even helps make my waist small.
maybe i should buy a sewing machine myself. i sewed in 8th grade and then that summer, i sewed some of my own stuff. but i forget how to do stuff now since it's been so long

some creepy guy sat next to me at the wedding. we had 2 empty seats and this guy was a helper to the DJ. he kept talking and what he said was creepy. a coworker was also the photographer for the wedding. i wish i would have known him when we had ours because he's good and cheap (cheap because he doesn't advertise much or anything so he doesn't have those costs.

yesterday morning we also surprised my mom for her birthday. timmy came home for a week. then we went to lunch right at 11 to texas roadhouse.


  1. anonymous (LiveJournal)April 19, 2009 at 5:47 AM

    I thought Art was good and cheap taking pictures at your wedding reception.

  2. smilincolleen (LiveJournal)April 19, 2009 at 12:59 PM

    He had fancy real photographer type cameras so they had good zooms. I've seen some examples.

    But art was.
    i would have had them both. so i had more.
    plus art had a hard time trying to take pictures and video.