Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Day's Worth of Twitter

08:54:15 AM - I can't RT @_Poly_Kitty: Tell Colleen that she can type around me. I'm not in her way.
08:55:08 AM - @_Poly_Kitty moved and now she's on a different part of my keyboard.
08:55:57 AM - Yesterday I made a post asking if you read my blog to comment. I have 0 comments so far but someone asked about stats
08:56:27 AM - They asked me how I get to stats and said they didn't have anything to the right of monetize. Ugh. Why did I not get a comment. grrr
09:35:05 AM - on a wife of a former coworkers facebook comment. probably talking about me and Dave.
09:43:35 AM - We'll cut them later. RT @_Poly_Kitty: I fought back and they gave up. I'm off the hook.
10:35:23 AM - She did. A lot of them RT @_Poly_Kitty: Colleen was spending too much time reading blogs so I marked them as read.
01:07:56 PM - falling asleep at my desk. time to go rest my eyes.
03:13:54 PM - Long nap. I'm going to be late also clothes were in the dryer. They have been done for ages
04:17:26 PM - I'm the worst. I get an hour window to arrive at a picnic and I'm late.
09:34:24 PM - People ask where dave is. I say he doesn't leave the house.

You can find me as @smilincolleen on Twitter.

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