Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tuesday, August 31

Shirt: Ann Taylor Loft 2007
Skirt: B Moss (I think) (2005)
Shoes: Payless May 2005
Necklace: Target 2009
I had no clue what to wear since my 30 for 30 challenge was over. I decided to wear a summery skirt that I won't wear that much more this year.  This skirt is reversible. The green shirt is the same exact shade of green as the one from the challenge. Same store too. But the other is a sweater and this is much longer.

I don't like how this skirt hits below the knee. I don't like the shoes but I don't know what other shoes to wear with it that I have and I don't have other bone shoes. I want bone shoes though. I thought too bad I didn't have blue or green shes.   What would be a good shoe with this outfit?

I ran before work... 3.55 mi. I will have another post about that if I remember.
I got to work way later than normal (9:00) but we are allowed to arrive any time until 9. I just knew I'd be working late.

I worked until 7:30PM, got McD's, came home, ate it, and worked again until midnight with some breaks for blogging. It took a half hour to get my computer booted so I got a lot of blogging/cropping pictures in then.
 After dinner and before our show was over, Dave and I sat on the couch and hung out with Kitty.
Kitty likes all my papers
Kitty likes my keyboard
Kitty likes me


  1. aw, Poly is so cute! I love the one with the hairband on her nose.

    I love these shoes, btw. So pretty! I would say that green shoes would be interesting with this skirt, but I really like the neutral tones best.

  2. The insides of the shoes are really scuffed. I conveniently took a close-up from the best angle possible.