Saturday, May 28, 2011

5.20 - Breakfast, Drive, Rehearsal, 2 dinners

Outfit 1: To work for a breakfast
Skirt: F21
Shirt: NY&Co.
Blazer: Sears
Belt: Target
Necklace: Sears
Earrings: Target
The blue earrings are the same shade as the shirt. I'm not sure if you can tell in the picture.

I had probably a dozen better ideas of what to wear but then something was dirty or I thought it would be too tight since I gained a little weight.
Outfit 2: Driving to Philly but also ended up being wedding rehearsal outfit
Jeans: Indi
Shirt: NY&Co
Jacket: NY&Co
Shoes: Kohl's
Necklace: Sears
Earrings: Target

These jeans were a lot more comfortable than the jeans I bought ages ago. I think because I was already getting fatter when I got these.  The sandals have 4+ inch heels. They are the first sandals I bought and wore. They are still out of my comfort zone and are already almost a year old. (See them better here.)

Poly cuddled with me in the morning so I got started getting ready a little late.
I got up and Dave was still sleeping. Look how cute Poly was.
Then after my shower, Poly wanted in.  She loves the shower.

I went to work for the breakfast. It was the recognition for the WIN scholarship Winner. There were 16 total in attendance.  As soon as I got home, we grabbed last minute things and were on the road.
We were making a pit stop on the way so my mom could cat-sit Poly.  Poly doesn't mind  the car as much during the daylight.  Dave sat in the backseat with her.  BTW this is a dog cage. The cat ones were too little and she didn't like them.  We always leave the cage out in the living room. We caught her napping in it once or twice. Sometimes she also naps on top of it. She actually does that often. We leave it out so she doesn't see it and hate it when we do have to go somewhere. Inside the cage is an afghan and a towel so she has a nice soft surface to sleep on.
We got to my parents and Poly made herself right at home.  We stayed there talking a little bit and then realized we might be late if we didn't get a move on it.  Also I always forget to take into account that I like to stop at every rest stop to take a little nap.

I knew we were running behind so I only stopped at 2 stops.  We also didn't make a final stop close to Philly where Dave would drive. I hate driving near there.  We arrived at the rehearsal at 4:58.  It was supposed to start at 5. Also I originally thought we'd go to the hotel first before going to the rehearsal.  We hit a ton of traffic near Philly and that sucked.

The officiant arrived at 5:34 so I guess it was like we were early.
After the rehearsal, we all went to dinner at some random place near Tyler Arboretum.  While there I was talking to Dave about where our 2nd dinner would be.

We ended up getting Wawa for 2nd dinner.  I got an italian hoagie and Dave got 2 hoagies.  This was the start of me gaining 2 lbs while in Philly.   Man was I exhausted.  I don't like all that driving.

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