Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Closet Clean-out (2)

I went through some more clothes in my closet.  This time I also worked on matching one outfit.

6 items listed above were tried on and 2 went to the goodwill pile.
1 needs to be shortened. I need to raise the skirt by moving the waistband.
  1. Park Ranger Shirt.  I haven't worn this in years. Dave told me to get it way back in the day to look like a park ranger. I always wore it with pants labeled 2 above or similar pants. I tried this shirt on with numerous things. I need to figure out how to not look washed out when I wear it. Any suggestions?
  2. Khaki pants I haven't worn in ages. They are a little short.  For some reason I thought they'd be too tight and they weren't. I feel like my clothes that are a few years old are a lot more breathable because of just how the material is.
  3. This skirt is in a few pictures. I think I wore it once. I don't like the length of it (see picture in the bottom row) but if it is up a few inches I like it better. I only discovered this recently. I need to alter this skirt. 
  4. This is another long skirt. I don't like it. It is longer on one side than the other. I didn't think I could alter it and like it, so it is in the Goodwill pile.  I think I only wore it once before.
  5. I like this pink skirt. I don't like the length. I'm going to figure out how to put new elastic on it and move it down a few inches. I also want to make the striped fabric closer in length to the floral one.  I hope I get to this project soon. 
  6. This skirt is too boring. I wore in once in 2006. I got it at Goodwill and now it will be going in the Goodwill Pile again. 
The other shirts shown in the pictures were just so that I had clothes on that semi matched so I could better judge the skirts.
Now I am up to 28 items that I went through and only 5 in the donate pile.  I thought I would be getting rid of a lot more.

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