Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Twitter 5/18

09:27:18 AM - I just sit here waiting to be stretched. Sucks. Also I increased my weights today. I wonder if I should tell them.
09:30:15 AM - @angelineevans would work on me.
10:00:04 AM - @BodyMediaFIT a week ago I did (and multiple times before that) Over 26491 steps
10:01:46 AM - @katy_rose1 I love San Francisco
03:47:15 PM - @BodyMedia suggestion... allow access personal bests from the BodyMedia App for my iphone.
04:53:12 PM - Just saw someone I know but don't know who she is. Sigh. I need to be better with names and faces.
06:51:14 PM - Manager took @TENroaches's leftovers away. Even though he took them and offered to box it.
10:11:38 PM - yesterday felt like Friday. Today Feels like Friday. It is so far from Friday though!
11:35:06 PM - Bummed today ended up being another rest day. But I guess I was at PT for 2 hours today. I guess it counts a little.
11:51:41 PM - Good job RT @whoatemyblog: I'm so excited! I'm only 40 lbs away from the 300 lbs lost milestone!!! #fitblog #runchat
11:56:23 PM - @BodyMediaFIT I'd say the lawn but lawn size and self-propelled or not play a role.

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