Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Day's Worth of Twitter

08:45:12 AM - PB let me sleep in more. Long drive do need to be rested.
12:10:52 PM - Heading home. Already have to go to the bathroom. Probably should have gone first.
06:30:00 PM - home sweet home.
08:25:03 PM - Yesterday I fell asleep in the car (wasn't driving) & woke up with echofon opened & a tweet partially typed.
08:26:31 PM - @reedaboutme time consuming cab sometimes be worse. How'd it turn out.
08:38:58 PM - @BodyMedia I thought a lot of internships were unpaid. But maybe the interns don't think that. Offer a free armband for working 10 weeks
08:41:52 PM - @TheNewChrissy I want a pinterest.
09:40:09 PM - @BodyMediaFIT #BodyBurn I ate more than I burned because of attending a wedding. Just didn't enter foods yet
10:01:43 PM - @FashionMomma22 4 lbs = awesome.
10:03:23 PM - @katy_rose1 what are the rules?
10:11:08 PM - @whoatemyblog did you have to wait in a long line first?
10:28:02 PM - @whoatemyblog that's good. Fear of waiting and not fitting doesn't seem fun

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