Monday, May 23, 2011

Twitter 5/23

12:49:06 AM - I wish I had some anti-itch cream handy. This bug bite is annoying.
01:55:51 PM - Just ran 2.5 miles in 23:15 on the treadmill.
03:02:16 PM - New software for the leg press game. Easier. Graphics are better.
03:18:37 PM - All I do is wait at this place. Wait for machines. Then wait for therapists. Ugh. Such a waste of my day.
06:41:07 PM - the neighbors started their annoying music early today.
11:45:07 PM - I'm tried but I want to watch another episode. How will I wake up early to workout. (I probably won't)
11:58:15 PM - @stinachristina outsourced. I have been working so didn't want to watch one of my good shows. And this I had 16 episodes of

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