Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Day's Worth of Twitter

04:32:39 PM - @reedaboutme Vets always charge an arm and a leg. I never like it.
04:33:29 PM - @stinachristina I wish I knew. Did you ask your trainer? I will email my runner friend and ask her.
06:22:55 PM - Dave is outside mowing. Just thought I'd share based on my complaining the last few weeks. He is not mowing it all. I'll go help eventually.
09:41:33 PM - @FashionMomma22 details?
09:51:38 PM - RT @wrkngmomscloset: Um...have you met me? If there is any way possible for me to avoid using the phone, I will. The phone is not my friend.
09:51:59 PM - @wrkngmomscloset I'm the same way.
09:58:10 PM - @BodyMediaFIT Oi It still never worked. Pretend this is twitpic #BodyBurn 1.78 mi in 16:02
09:59:46 PM - @BodyMediaFIT I never officially figured that out but figured it was the case.
10:03:42 PM - @briecs I guess I'm glad I never went to the website.
10:11:26 PM - @UnderTheFat Outside I run nonstop. On the treadmill, I tend stop each mile and drink water.
10:14:47 PM - @UnderTheFat Do you like your Nike+? I hate mine.
10:15:46 PM - @whoatemyblog How do you keep up following so many?
10:18:13 PM - @UnderTheFat I like intervals too. Run/jog run 400/jog 400 ... or time on the treadmill
10:19:59 PM - @UnderTheFat for apps I like iMapMyRun better. I also have Nike+ chip thing for my shoe.
10:27:30 PM - @UnderTheFat Outside is way better. It is hard when it is hilly though.
10:48:08 PM - @UnderTheFat I was just talking about this today. You can adjust your speed without having to adjust numbers on a treadmill. less boring.
10:49:05 PM - @UnderTheFat I can run for longer outside. I don't know why. I feel like I can break less for water. I like a track outside (lap data)
11:09:47 PM - I went to facebook to see who won American Idol. I guess none of my friends on here were tweeting about it.
11:24:27 PM - @UnderTheFat Let me know what you think. Some like the treadmill better because it forces a certain speed. Depends on your mentality I guess

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