Thursday, May 26, 2011

Run 5.25.11 - 1.78 mi

I ran outside before work. It was my first outside run that wasn't on a track since the knee injury so I kept it close.  I ran the first quarter mile at 2:25 and I thought that was pretty good. I was impressed with doing that after going so long with out running. I still thought I should try to get better than 2:25 for the 2nd quarter. I got 2:21. Man was I excited. I still thought I had to improve for the next quarter. I don't know why but I did. Then I got 2:14. I thought it was fake. I always try to run each split faster than the previous one and it doesn't usually happen. I kept improving. I thought it was crazy. Too bad the run was about over.  Down my street, I slowed down on purpose for more of a cooldown.  I did want to end on 1.74 so I ran a bit past the house and back up. Also I know sometimes it looks like 1.75 but would be 1.74 later so I did a little extra just to be safe. 

After I got back I went inside and got my tripod and ran out to start running and try to get a picture for the bodyburn competition through BodyMedia Fit. It was tough. First I forgot to turn on the remote thing. Then I had to run back up to do that and run back down. I tried to run and 2 pictures I was blocked by a tree and 2 I was out of range.  Pictures of me running would have been easier if someone else took them.  I sure hope no neighbors saw me doing this.

I feel like all that time off running has helped my speed. My endurance is crap but my speed is about where it was a year ago.
Also this was my third day in a row of some sort of running. Granted on Tuesday it was only .75 before yoga started (I wanted to do 1.0 but didn't have enough time before yoga.) and 2.5 on Monday (I wanted to do 3 but didn't have enough time before PT.). 
Check out my calorie burn from the run. PT didn't give me much of a calorie burn (1:30-2:35). Mowing the lawn was pretty decent.
I need to run longer to hit my vigorous activity goals each day.

Have you had any good runs or workouts lately? 


  1. awesome running shot! Congrats on being able to run again!! Good luck on the competition!

  2. You got a good shot! And thank you for linking up. I'm so proud of all the work you do to keep healthy, Colleen!