Monday, June 27, 2011

6.10 - 9/80 Day off

I broke my rule. I wore black and brown... well the shoes aren't quite brown. They did match my purse. So there is that.

Dress: Athleta
Shoes: Target
Necklace: Sears (I wore purple since my toenails are painted purple)

I wear dresses because they are as comfortable as pajamas, I can eat in them without pain from something constricting around my stomach, and they look nice.

So do my legs look excessively pale to you? How about my feet?  I swear I never see another fashion blogger as pale. Perhaps I should hide my paleness with pants and long sleeves. I feel like I can't even enjoy how cute the sandals are because it is hard to look around the paleness.
Perhaps one of these days I'll get a good jumping shot.

(update: I forgot to show the pictures of me with my purse.)
I had the day off work but Dave did not.  I was going to make my admin cookies for her birthday and take them to work on Thursday but I forgot to make them. Then I thought I'd make them Thursday night and send them in with Dave. I totally forgot about making them when I got home from Mad Mex.  Then I thought I'd make some cookies Friday morning and meet Dave for lunch and take them in. I almost started making them then I thought the smoke alarm would go off because the oven needs to be cleaned so I didn't make them.  Instead, I picked Dave up and we went to a bakery in Wexford.  I took them in and she thought it was really sweet. It was nice but then I realized I didn't get home until 2pm and yet again I wasted a 9/80 day off.
I watched some TV with Dave and went to sleep reasonably early.


  1. At least you get air in your jumping shots; I always catch myself right before I leave the ground or as I'm coming down.

    I love the black and brown together, I think it's sassy! It's super sweet of you to bring cookies for your admin too. :)

  2. well I may have gotten some of those not quite up or not quite down shots as well :) It is hard with a timer. If the flash wants to go off then it is delayed. Then I try to plan for the flash and then no flash.

  3. You look adorable and I do think my legs are probably about one shade paler than yours!

    And oh, hitting up a bakery and snuggling kitties sounds like a perfect day to me!

  4. your legs are ok; but i'd pair this dress with some capri-leggings to keep it on the modest side !

  5. i have a weird hangup about mixing black & brown, too, but i like this here. and: WAY TO GO on your jumping shot(s)! they look wildly successful to me.

  6. Brittney I have the same hangup. I believe we both like it because of the light brown.
    My jumping shots are nowhere as good as yours are.