Monday, June 27, 2011

6.11 - Vet, Callie

We took Poly to her yearly vet appointment.
She was very good. On the way there she pushed on each mesh part of the cage hoping to get out.
On her way home she was much better.  She really wanted out so in the garage, I opened the thing. She went right to the front seat.
Then it was time to get ready for Callie's race aka grab some of my gummie things.   Then since I wasn't going to run with her I was packing additional and going through shorts that don't fit me. Poly tried to sabotage and make me late.  I knew I wasn't running because Callie texted me to say she sprained her ankle 5 miles into her 77 mile run. That meant I wouldn't need to pace her from miles 53-63. She ran until mile 20 because she thought she might try to push through it because she felt bad since I was looking forward to pacing her for a full year. In 2010, she won for Women.  Too bad for her ankle because the weather was so much better this year so she could have beat her last time if only she didn't hurt herself.  They do warn you that the terrain is bad. She's even used to trail running.
After going to my parents, we went to Flat Rock. It's in Ligonier. I was not told it was swimming type place, but also it was cold so I was ok in my real clothes.
Then we spent an hour playing in Callie's neighbor's yard. Callie's two dogs had fun with the two neighbor dogs.  That ball is the ball that all the dogs had to mark.

We were at Callie's so long that Callie fell asleep. Timmy was the one that drove, so I had to rely on him for when I could leave. He won't leave until he is sure he overstayed his welcome. Then I spent the night at my parents house.

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