Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Day's Worth of Twitter

07:58:22 PM - It took 5 years but I know where my RPI diploma is.
08:14:53 PM - @FatGirlvsWorld it is so hard to keep up on them all.
08:38:08 PM - @BodyMediaFIT #BodyBurn My calorie burn. Body Combat almost killed me.
08:50:04 PM - @FatGirlvsWorld You added a lot more detail from the original one you posted. Good job.
08:53:14 PM - Now I'm really disappointed I got sick and couldn't run. RT @whoatemyblog: Happy National Running Day!
08:54:50 PM - @BodyMedia In the suburbs we don't have public transportation. :(
08:55:59 PM - @lisafilipek I just bought some new nail polish. got a nice purple and a nice pink.
08:59:43 PM - @BodyMediaFIT I love pushups because I could still work on them when my knee was bad. a little awkward to hide my face
09:01:12 PM - @stinachristina You could look as easy as me. I never even look at openings for me. Check brassring.
09:04:01 PM - @BodyMediaFIT How is it possible to just pick one? I feel like doing a wide variety of things helps me stick with it.
09:09:45 PM - @wwanw I often wonder that. There are many things in life I want to do and never get around to doing them.
09:11:59 PM - Spring would work too. RT @whoatemyblog: I'm making a motion to move National Running Day to late Fall or early Winter.
09:14:44 PM - @wwanw I fold. Putting it away is another story. how about mailing a card to someone or organizing my closet, sewing my skirts, etc.
09:16:09 PM - @lisafilipek when you paint your nails how long does the polish last? Less than a day for me. lasts longer on my toes.
09:16:55 PM - @mikecherepko this is the first time my toenails are painted pink. all other times they were painted red. fingernails are polished at all.
09:17:40 PM - @BodyMedia It's so hilly around here and still some roads are pretty dangerous.North Park is my favorite running place but switch directions
09:37:26 PM - @lisafilipek mine are chipped and look awful after less than a day. even with 2 coats and a top coat. my fingernails are thin
10:46:20 PM - @lisafilipek I wonder how many I have
10:47:17 PM - I just figured that out as you tweeted it RT @lisafilipek: @SmilinColleen 6,378
10:52:41 PM - @polahbea is staying up late and it confuses me.

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