Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Day's Worth of Twitter

12:08:39 AM - @FashionMomma22 your anniversary is on my birthday!
12:10:53 AM - @BodyMediaFIT this METS tweet is the same time as our METS emails ha. And that is the site I used.
05:39:03 PM - @iamoddd how do you just make up a prescription?
05:39:48 PM - Traffic: 1 me:0. I got hacked and just missed a light.
05:41:08 PM - Traffic:2
05:44:17 PM - How many lights can I just miss in one trip? Traffic: 2
05:51:51 PM - I hate driving
10:07:49 PM - I'm 2 weeks behind on blogging. I'll never catch up.
11:00:12 PM - I never get as much done as I want to.
11:14:31 PM - @ADayinLifeToo I still have yet to watch it. Now I'm not excited.
11:15:14 PM - @fmeissner359 so now you need to plan more work trips
11:17:15 PM - @missylizzylucy the more workouts the better. What did you end up doing?
11:19:33 PM - @BodyMediaFIT more workouts and eating fewer zebra cakes (and other sweets) I've been a real workout slacker lately and it shows.
11:24:51 PM - @FatGirlvsWorld we still have 1 more day. I'll make modality 1. But 2 I lifted 1 time instead of 10
11:26:52 PM - @FatGirlvsWorld I always heard 1200 too
11:29:04 PM - @mikecherepko is that good or bad?
11:33:42 PM - @tcassino yea. Seems weird for a 7 yr old.

You can find me as @smilincolleen on Twitter.

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