Sunday, June 12, 2011

I've made a decision

I've made a decision...but I'm bad at decisions so I may change my mind.

I am not doing Kendi's 30 for 30 challenge this time around. Many people are. I have already participated in three. I learned a lot during those three but feel like I waste most of my closet.  The no shopping part is not why I'm doing it. The not using 90% of my closet is why (or mostly why). Then the seasons change and I miss out on a few of my almost favorite pieces.

I really enjoy the hits my blog gets by completing in the challenge but I do not feel that should be the motivating reason to participate.

Instead I'm going to challenge myself in a different way.  I have entirely too many clothes in my closet that I have not worn in a long time. Each week I will pick out 7 things I haven't worn in awhile or that I rarely wore but need to wear more and fit it in during the week. I was debating doing 5 since I don't always get dressed out of my pajamas but realized I need to start getting dressed on telecommuting days. A friend suggested 10 but that would involve me picking things that I could wear together and I don't know if that would happen.

I think I'll come up with a name for this but I haven't thought of one yet... some way to use alliteration and the number 7...

Also we'll see how long it takes me to get a weekly weight average 132 lbs or less. I hit a high of 135 the other day. I've been above 132 for a few weeks and that's it so we'll see where it goes.  (For comparison, 1 year ago I was averaging 125 lbs.)


  1. I'm not doing the 30x30 this time either. It requires too much creativity and my dress code at work is too strict for that. Your challenge sounds like such a great idea!

    I'm no health expert or anything but even 135 sounds really low for someone as tall as you seem to be. Honestly, I don't even care how much I weigh anymore, I don't weigh myself at all, I just care about how my clothes fit and make sure I'm exercising and eating well. Eating well is the hard part, I really don't eat well at all (if last night's peanut butter m&ms are any indication).

    At any rate, it's the exercise and food and just being healthy that are most important, not the number on the scale. I'd rather GAIN weight in muscle and be healthier than lose weight, even in fat, and not gain any muscle.

    Okay, soapbox over. :) Sorry!

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  2. Melissa, it does require a lot of creativity and in the summer it is harder to get more combinations with less layering.

    Well I don't care about how much I weigh but that is easier to post about BUT all of my pants do not fit and based on past experience and my lack of lifting weights enough now, I know that in order to get even remotely close to where my pants fit again I need to be lower than 132 but I chose 132.
    132 isn't underweight (neither was 125).
    I just did not elaborate above and wanted to make my statement thinking that I might buckle down and quit skipping the gym and quit eating horribly.

  3. That's a good name. I was thinking about some term like I forgot about them but then that's not the case. Some of the stuff I want to wear that I got a few months ago and haven't worn enough so I didn't know what to do and I'm not creative enough to come up with names.

  4. I thought Style 7 Orphans, but I also like both of Mike's ideas.