Saturday, June 25, 2011

Random Memory: Group Lunch

While folding laundry I remembered this and started thinking about. Not sure how my mind jumped there though.

In 2006, Dave and I were in the same group.  Our group was going to Gateway Grill for some pizza. It was a reward for using the recourse planning tool.  Well since Dave and I are in the same group, I figured we would carpool. Also we normally ate lunch everyday together (with other people too) but we always walked down together. So this also made me think we'd be going together.   Well it is time to leave and I can't find him. I try to call his cell. I walk to the bathroom to see if he's in route. I do all of these things a few times. I talk to other people in the group who ask me if I need a ride and I tell them all no that I am carpooling with Dave and I just need to find him.  Eventually nobody is left in the entire group.  I decide to head there and hope that Dave's car is in the parking lot. We carpooled to work and Dave drove so if Dave drove to lunch then I would be in trouble.

While walking to the car, my manager calls my cell. Everyone is at lunch but me and 1 other person (who I had just talked to).  Dave didn't realize I wasn't there until everyone was there and they were trying to figure out who the two were that were missing. Then he says Uh Oh. He doesn't have his phone so my manager calls.

I get there and have to sit on the end. Everyone makes a big deal about how I'm late and how Dave is in trouble.

After lunch Dave and I drive back together. When we got in the car, we saw other coworkers looking at us and laughing.

So there you have it... the time Dave left for lunch without me.

Dave got to lunch because someone in his row said she had a van and could drive 5 others and would Dave want a ride. He said OK. He didn't even think about me.

Have any of you ever had an experience like that?

(I thought I might have written about this before when I had LJ but I can't find it. but it might be there. It'd help if I knew if this was in 2006 or 2007 too.)

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  1. ha! that's funny! My boyfriend left me at a bar once - I was in the bathroom and he thought I left with a I walked out of the bathroom and was all alone, without a car. Lame.