Saturday, July 9, 2011

6.23 - Picnic

Shirt: Loft
Skirt: Atleta
Shoes: Target
Necklaces from smallest to longest, Sears, Sears, F21

So I put on 3 necklaces and asked Dave which one I should wear, but he thought I was asking if all three looked good and he thought they did so I wore all three.  It was the first time wearing the yellow/silver necklace. One of the hoops was broken. It comes undone. I still wore it the whole day but I guess I have to throw it away now. It mostly stayed together while wearing it, but every now and then I'd look down and see both strands just hanging there. If I was moving around, I would have just lost the necklace. At least I only paid $4.99 for it.

It is hard to tell from the picture but this skirt is more athletic than dressy so I cannot wear dressy shirts with it or it does not look right. The skirt has a little pocket inside like athletic pants do.
This is not what you should look like when leaving a picnic.

So work was extremely busy. Then I had to head to the picnic. I was originally supposed to be out of town, but since I wasn't, I ended up in charge of some stuff. (what else is new) Right before it was time to leave for the picnic, it started raining. It was raining so hard on my drive there that it was rough seeing to drive.

Once there, it only rained for about 5 more minutes which was good. There were picnic tables that weren't under the pavilion and the picnic chair thought of putting the table clothes on the seat so people didn't get soaked. That was good.
NA-YGN had their yearly summer picnic. I was one of 6 people to win a basket. I didn' really want any of them. I don't know how I picked the one I did. I actually wanted a "movie" themed one with candy but I had to save the non-alcoholic ones for the people under 21 who won.
These sunglasses were in the basket I won along with sunless tanner, glow sticks, red bull, and jeugermeister.  Someone had to tell me later that there is a drink with the alcohol and the red bull. Shows what I know. Anyone want to come over and drink it?
The picnic had a cornhole tournament.  We also did an ice breaker game. Lots of prizes were involved.  Because of the heavy rain, the turnout was less than expected, but still good.

Well now to the reason my outfit looked like it did at the end of the night.   I was cleaning up. There was a ton of leftover food due to the lower turnout. We had to-go containers. We were packing them up. I had one with the barbecue chicken in it. Once we were mostly cleaned up, I was walking all my stuff to the car. This may sound easy but I had the basket I won, a big golf umbrella (since it was raining when I arrived), my purse, a bag with different supplies in it, my folder for the ice breaker, and 2 to go containers.  Well when I got to the car, I looked down and the chicken container must have been angled the way I was carrying it and all the sauce was all down the front of me. I didn't feel it since I had a cami on under the shirt. I was originally planning on going back up to finish cleaning up but I didn't want everyone to see me so I hurried out of there. I felt bad about it.  Plus Jen was driving me home since Dave wanted to leave earlier and she didn't plan on staying late to clean up or even staying until the end of the picnic. I knew better than to try to carpool with Dave to get to the thing, but if I didn't, he wouldn't have gone at all. I can never win.

In case you are wondering, I pre-treated the shirt and skirt with Shout spray. Then I did that again. Then I washed it. My clothes are no longer stained.

July 12 is everybodyeverwear day but I'm so behind on posting. I'm about 8 days behind so I just had to go with an old one. I'm sorry I cheated.


  1. I am ashamed to say that I laughed out loud when I scrolled down to the stain pics - mostly due to the caption. Also, I'm surprised that you were able to get it out. I always mean to buy Shout, but never do, so I do experiments like spraying degreaser on the thing before putting it in the wash. It works, but I wouldn't recommend it on anything that might not be sturdy enough fabric to stand up to the degreaser. I'd also be worried it'd fade the color. Oughtta just go buy some Shout, already.

  2. Also - how come you have a sad face in that one necklacepicture?

  3. Callie that shout worked wonders. Everyone told me if I didn't wash it while it was still wet it'd be stained forever. Well I forgot to wash it for 3 days and it came out.

    Sad face because the necklace is in 2 pieces and not connected. broken link.

  4. I just re-read and don't know how I missed that the hoop was broken. I even re-looked before I posted that comment to make sure I wasn't asking something you already said like a goon. Guess I'm a goon.

    I think with stain pre-treaters, the longer you let them sit with the pre-treater on it before washing, the better the stain will come out. Like spray it, let it sit, spray it again, let it sit some more, and then wash it. I wonder if people get impatient and don't wait long enough.

  5. I did what you said. I like it to sit in and it always works. Dave's shirts have stains because he doesn't spray them or even care so they get and stay stained.

    It's OK to be a goon every now and then :)

  6. If you don't want the Red Bull and Jager, we will gladly take it off your hands. The drink is a Jagerbomb, I think - and I've never had one, but I'd be happy to try one.

  7. Brie, I did learn that's what it was, but I didn't know until I was told. I have no desire to try one. Doesn't sound as good as coconut rum and pineapple juice.