Friday, July 15, 2011

6.28 - Cabana Bar

Skirt: Express
Tank: Old Navy
Cardigan: Kohl's
Shoes: Kohl's
Necklace: Lia Sophia
My fake tan is all messed up due to working out an sweating. It looks like I have sock lines. Almost makes the tan seem more real. The tan shows up darker in the pictures than it was in real life. Tanning is an art.

I wanted to wear my gray pants, but I put them on and they were too tight. So I wore my gray skirt.  I mean the pants would have fit if I didn't have to sit down. But they were uncomfortable sitting. Those pants were pants I owned pre-knee surgery time when I was at my heaviest. (Uh Oh)  But back then I was guttier than I am now. And back then I had a nonexistent butt. Just look at that side profile shot. I have quite the butt now. (I'm not saying that's bad. It is different. I think it is a reason pants are tighter now. At least my mom can't tell me my gut is as big as my butt.  She told me that once in 2006 when she was looking at a picture of me standing in line waiting to ride the Musik Express at Kennywood.)

After work I was going to dinner at Atria's and the Cabana Bar with an out of town NA-YGN member. He said to get some friends together. I tapped out all my resources and only got 1 friend to go to dinner and a different friend to go to the bar. Everyone was busy and I don't have many friends.  We were at the bar until 11:30. I can't believe how old I am.  The bar was nice. It had sand. There were different areas and different fire pits. It wasn't crowded. It wasn't loud.  I wore sandals to work because I knew about the sand. The last time I was there was 3+ years earlier so I didn't remember much about it besides the sand.  I was looking up directions on how to get there and realized it is right up the hill from the one plaza we always go to (Giant Eagle, Yum, Campesino's). Last time I was there all I knew was you turn left at a Sheetz.  I think it was a good time. Lots of talking.


  1. Wow - I really like this combination. You are getting good with colors.

    How does a fake tan work? I just get burned to a crisp all summer because there is no atmosphere, here (incidentally, I do have plenty of sunscreen on hand now, so you don't need to bring extra, but I always think I'll be nice and shaded in the woods and never use it). Always have goofy lines in the shape of running outfits.

  2. This outfit barely even uses colors!

    It is in a bottle. You put it on. It dies your skin. It is an art because it can be darker or lighter in areas based on how you put it on. It also doesn't show up for at least a day. Some of them are like build a tan and you put it on daily for a week and it gradually shows up everyday. But they suck because if you wear a watch or armband when you workout, it wears off the tan on those parts. Sweat impacts it.

    Then there is fake tan that is from the tanning beds. I'm not talking about that. That is worse for your skin but not quite an art form because the machines do it evenly.

  3. I sort of counted the necklace as a color because it creates such a stark contrast with the dress.

    I tried the tanning bed fake tan after I read that it might help make my weird diabetes scars go away, and it helped on the one leg but not the other. I guess they've gotten better with tans in a bottle, because a long time ago everyone said they just make you orange. What if you put it on before you go to bed, so you don't mess it up exercising?

  4. I put it on 3 days earlier but then once you exercise, that's when it gets screwed up. As long as I was still tan no matter how much earlier I put it on, the sweat plus something tighter ruined it. Tighter = watch, armband, socks. I didn't put it on over my entire body but I would assume the rest of my clothes would have ruined it.

    When you shave, it slightly takes over layers and it is lighter. When you shave one leg you can distinctively tell they are different tones. Some brands wash off in the shower slightly and with a towel slightly when you dry yourself... except the one that did for me had good reviews online and people said it didn't.

  5. Weird. Now that you mention the shaving thing, I remember that from the first and only time I tried the tan in a bottle (snuck to Eckerd's in junior high and bought a spray-thing of Coppertone self-tanner). It looked impressive for about a day, but because I have dry skin, as soon as I shaved, I looked like an alligator with tan spots surrounded by white cracks. I tried to scrub it off and it took almost a week to completely go away, so for that week I looked ridiculous. This is why I wondered if fake tanning is any different 15+ years later.

    (I'm skeptical of it, but partly because my mammal used to say things like, "Skin dye?! That stuff'll give you even more cancer than the sun!" I guess something's gotta end up killin' us.)

  6. It has advanced a lot over the years, but it still isn't as good as I want it. So I have decided my natural pale is good enough. I kind of looked good before it got sucky.

    When you visited, I was "tan" and my legs were uneven but sitting around a table, you weren't looking at my legs.

  7. Nice butt shot. You've got some good assets showing there. :)

    Love the outfit, very polished look!

  8. Linz, Thanks. I won't have to buy those pants with the fake butts in them!