Sunday, July 17, 2011

7.1 - Mostly Old

Pants: JCP (2005)
Shoes: Famous Footwear (2011)
Shirt: Kohl's (2000 or 2001)
Button-down shirt: NY&Co. (2008)
Necklace: Lia Sophia
The dress was the last of my 7 items for Styling the Scavenged Seven.  I completed 2 for 2 with a day to spare. I decided since I'm so behind on posting it is hard to properly document and discuss this challenge so I will be done with it. I may still pull some stuff out on my own to make sure I wear in the week, but I won't be documenting or saying which article of clothing it was that I picked.  Really I should try to get caught up. I'm 14 days behind + a few odd posts that aren't my daily posts.

I liked the shirts today. It was the first time I wore them together. I didn't like the pants. I like more form fitting pants.  The neckline on the purple shirt is really high. I never see anyone wear them that high. How wold you style it?  It is a tank top type thing but with 1 little strap that is like a string that connects the fabric for the front and back. You can tell on the Styling the Scavenged Seven link.
Dave and I went to Jersey Mikes for lunch. I had leftovers and ended up leaving them in the wrong fridge. Then for dinner we went to Bravo.
I'm so behind on posting that I don't remember working out but it sure looks like I'm wearing workout clothes so I must have done something.

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