Thursday, July 28, 2011

7.15 - Dress, Patio

Dress: Loft (purchased October 2010 and never worn) (~$10)
Shoes: Famous Footwear - Connie
Belt: Target
Necklace: Lia Sophia
Purse: Kohl's

The first half the day I actually wore the skirt/shirt from the night before.  I thought this dress was shorter. I guess my memory isn't that good.  Next time I'll wear a tank top under it. I didn't like how when I leaned, I showed too much skin.  The dress came with a black belt but I thought that seemed silly. When I was about to put on the outfit, I noticed the belt had a size in it and it was 2 sizes off. I bet before this ended up on clearance someone did some belt swapping.   How else would you style this dress? 

I spent the night at my parents. I set my alarm to wake up early to run but that did not happen.  I decided I wanted to sleep.  Also I wanted to get started getting my work day in. I worked half a day at my parents.  The day started pretty slow because I didn't know the password to my parents wireless  and then my computer needed to be rebooted about three times.

Then went over to Kohl's parking lot. My mom was meeting people there and I stopped to say hi. I saw some elementary school teachers.  We talked for a few minutes then I drove home.
I came home to the patio progress.  They started on another job in the morning so they weren't that far along.
I got home, ate, and then worked the 2nd half of my day.

Dave got home from work at a normal time and then we did normal stuff like eat and watch TV.  I'm pretty sure we left the house to eat dinner but it's been so long that I forget.  I wouldn't have put on a nice outfit just to work at home so I assume I did leave the house.  It must have been a nice date...the fact that I remember so much about it.

 Poly decided right on Dave's book is the best place to sit.

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