Monday, July 18, 2011

7.2 - Sewing, Pantry, Cleaning

I forgot to take my daily picture until I was half changed into my pajamas.
Polo shirt: JCP in 2005
Necklace: Sears
I wore jeans. I think they were from VS. I wore my black gladiator sandals.
I wasn't that productive early in the day. Then I started altering my skirt. I don't like that it goes to the calves. I want it to go to the knee.  Dave wanted to leave to go somewhere so I dropped everything and went with him. I also wanted to buy some elastic. It would make my job easier.
We ended up going to a diner and then to the frozen yogurt place on Freedom Road.
After I got home, I finished sewing.  Sewing straight lines is hard work. Also it isn't the best idea to guess how to use your sewing machine. I should have practiced on scrap fabric. I didn't know how to work the settings and ended up winging it.    I ended up staying up too late and then get a second wind. So after Dave went to sleep I ended up cleaning the pantry and laundry room.
We had a lot of expired food. We had a lot of food in general.  The pictures are how I left it when I went to sleep. I threw away 3 little garbage bags worth of food (expired crackers, chips, etc.)
Look how neat the washer and dryer look. Usually there's a box or 2 of junk on the dryer and then a ton of stuff on top of that.  The sofa table is clean too.

Then at 1am I started reading another book by Dean Karnazes. Jessie got me hooked.  I started reading his second book first. Second I went on to read his first book.  They are so good. They motivate me to run. But the bad part is I really want to keep reading so then I spend time reading instead of running.

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