Wednesday, July 27, 2011

7.27 - Run, Allergy Shot

I went to sleep early last night. I had plans to meet Kelly at North Park at 6:30 AM. All throughout the night I feared that I would not wake up in time. Almost every hour I woke up and had to double check the clock. The first of those was around midnight and clearly midnight isn't time to wakeup. I was just stressing.  Therefore I did not sleep well.

I woke up and got ready to go. I was running 1 minute behind, then I got stuck behind a slow car so ended up arriving 2 minutes late.  I hate being late. I was stressed when I didn't see Kelly.

I texted Kelly that I was there and was asking where she was.  I checked my email and waited.  Then I decided to call her and realized I had the incorrect phone number for her in my phone. The last number was wrong.  Then I spent time digging in my emails looking for her phone number. That took some time. I waited some more.  I texted the correct number. I called. I didn't leave a message though.  I waited some more. I started running 30 minutes late. I ran myself.   I did not run nearly as fast as I thought I might. I didn't have anyone pushing me. I ran with my phone in case Kelly would show up late. I was half distracted.  I reiterated my thoughts that going counter clockwise is better because the last mile is all down hill or level.

At 3.3 miles into it, my right hip started hurting. I don't know why. I stopped to stretch it, then kept going.   The "loop" done by cutting into the boathouse was 5.01 this time. Not cutting through the boathouse it was 4.96 last time.  My goal was 47 minutes and I was so close but did not make it

After the run, I went to save my data. To do that you hold the reset button for 3 seconds. On the third second, something went funky with the screen and I got concerned.  I got concerned with reason. When I got home, the data wouldn't load. The file was corrupt.  

Just as I was done running, Kelly texted me. She slept in. She forgot to set her alarm.  I found that odd because she had confirmed with me about 5 times via email to make sure we were still on to run.
On my way into the house, I went to check if we had to turn on the sprinkler and saw that we have new grass!

I got home and started to work. I couldn't handle my lack of data.  I tried to type my .25 splits based on memory. I also knew my times specifically at certain parts. After typing in my guesses, I was off by 3 seconds.  Not too bad!  Still my data isn't exact though.
Poly hung out with me a little during the work day.

Around 3pm, I decided to give it another try to call the doctor to switch doctors. It was way more difficult than I thought it would be. At least with my old doctor you would get a machine. Here you get hold music and then ringing and then repeat or you get busy signals.  It took 11 tries and 20 minutes before I got through to someone. I really thought about giving up just based on the ability to call the doctors. But it has taken me 6 months just to get this far so I went with it.  They can give me allergy shots but the doctor has to see me first. The earliest appointment I can get is in a month. I'll see the doctor and then be able to get allergy shots from them.  How exciting to finally have a doctor. The female doctor I wanted isn't taking on new patients so I took the guy. This is the same practice Jen goes to and she's happy with them all and you can see other doctors at the practice when you are sick and need a first available appointment.  Yay, I'm finally not doctorless.  I just need to get the records from the old doctors now.   I don't go to the doctors often. I've actually been looking for an excuse to go for awhile now.  I just need one so when I go to a specialist they have someone to send the reports to. I wish they would send everything to me all the time.  Are you happy with your primary care physician?  Have you been going to the same one for awhile?
After work, I went to get an allergy shot. Then I went to Rivertowne for dinner with Timmy.  I took my daily picture when I got home. Poly seemed like she wanted in them.

Now we're watching Master Chef and then it is bed time.  

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