Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Day's Worth of Twitter

10:51:59 AM - race = slower time than last year, worse place, hotter, sunnier
06:09:55 PM - I can't believe at my race today I ran only 10 sec faster than my 5k split on the last 5 mi run I had. I'm still beating myself up over it.
06:13:07 PM - I'm too dumb to handle this macbook air mouse. Clicking is trouble and I click a half inch from where I wanted to click.
07:44:03 PM - I hate having log-ins at places then they say to log-in with facebook but it's not the same. they aren't linked. sad times.
07:45:49 PM - Awful. hot. The race director even commented that we all looked like death. They need to start it earlier th...
07:47:04 PM - @briecs took 357 pictures during today's race. I wonder if the race director wants them.
08:12:54 PM - @briecs you got a pic of the girl throwing up! and a dog peeing AWESOME
10:06:14 PM - The neighbors are playing their sound system. The bass hasn't been this loud in over a month.
11:30:25 PM - I forgot to take my actual daily picture today. I guess my running outfit will have to work.
11:31:29 PM - Scrap and Run: 5k - Rube's Run a photo slideshow included. some fun pics in it.
11:57:11 PM - Poly is cute

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