Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Day's Worth of Twitter

08:24:08 AM - Every other week I have yoga (during lunch) on my calendar and each time I get a work meeting to conflict. It makes me mad.
12:17:58 PM - went to yoga at lunch and the one thing she had us do had people's knees cracking. It was kind of funny.
11:35:43 PM - I keep thinking it is Friday
11:45:13 PM - I want to go to bed but Poly is sleeping on me here and is sound asleep that I don't want to disturb her. I already wasted 40 min though.
11:55:32 PM - Hmmm RT @lisafilipek: @SmilinColleen, sign up for Klout (I bet you would like this. It has graphs.)

You can find me as @smilincolleen on Twitter.

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