Friday, August 12, 2011

6.23 Miles - North Park

For the third time this week I ran in the morning at North Park.  Tuesday I met Kelly at 6:15. Wednesday I met Kelly and April at 6:00.  Today I met Kelly and April at 6:00 but April also brought her dog, Betty.  Our crew is growing.

I have been wanting to run more than 5 miles. Then today I said we should do 7. We got started a little late so thought we might do 5.  Then 2.5 into it we said we'd do 6.  About 4.5 miles into it, we started talking about the Great Race and decided to run 6.2 miles for a 10k time. We had to run the loop, turn around to run, then run back.  We had to round the bend a lot so we decided to run more than .6 back so we could end about on the corner. We were a little off with our estimate so we ran over 6.2.

The 4 of us ran together until about 2 or 2.5 miles into it. Betty was not cooperating so then Kelly and I ran and April slowed up with Betty.  I'd say she was only about 3 minutes behind us. We passed her before we even hit 5.25 miles. I'd say that's still pretty good because her previous fast times running with her dog were around 50 minutes.

This morning it was chilly. April and Kelly both started with long sleeve shirts on. I didn't realize it was so cold.  My hands were cold for a few miles but then I got good.  I liked the temperature. I want more days like it.

I've taken my inhaler before all the runs this week. I have been running well but could it also be that the weather is nice.  I hate having to medicate so I hate taking inhalers.

Since we ran counterclockwise today, we had to end on the level. It is much harder to push and run extra fast on the level. that is one way the loop going the other way is good. We still ended at 7:43 pace. This way is better because you get the big hill at the beginning though.  I'm starting to like clockwise except for when you actually start at the boathouse. When you start at 4 1/4 marker, it is great.
We stopped 3 times and I labeled why.
I bet you are bored with this map.

It is hard to tell but these splits are similar from Tuesday and today. The problem is my Garmin didn't work right away on Tuesday so the splits are actually .10 different. But still it gives you some comparison.  We were quicker at the beginning last time and slower at the end.
*Date in table is wrong. Run was on 8/12 not 8/10. Ooops

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  1. Goodness, that's a lot of running! And you look so pretty afterward. I'd be flat on the floor. Throwing up, most likely.