Monday, August 8, 2011

7.24 - Chicken

Shirt: Gap (5+ years ago)
Shorts: Kohl's
Shoes: Brooks
I loved this shirt 5 years ago.  I need to get some new shorts or more shorts. These ones don't have the the look that I like so much. I tried to do a jumping shot then Dave noticed so I couldn't try again or he would see.  Not the left picture where I'm looking that's because he started talking to me and I couldn't have that. 
I did some blogging and Poly did some cuddling with my arms while I did that.  
For snack I had a favorite I ate when growing up.  My brother and I refer to it as tacos. Salami, cream cheese, and saltine crackers. Man it is so good. You have to break up the cracker after you put the cream cheese on it or it does not taste as good. This is the weirdest snack to me. If I didn't eat it as a kid, I wouldn't eat it together now.  Have you ever eaten a snack like this?  Do you have a weird snack you eat? 
I spent a lot of time watching TV. I should have been cleaning but I watched a lot of TV.  USA has a lot of good shows on demand.
Dave and I roasted a chicken for the first time.  It was a bit under-seasoned. I wasn't a huge fan of the potatoes. The gravy just didn't work at all. It was a good first try. It wasn't worth it since both of us only eat  white meat. We've cooked chicken breasts many other ways that I liked better so we'll probably do it that way in the future.
After dinner, I watched TV.  During dinner, Poly hung out on the table. She hung out on me after it.  Later I found her on top of the dryer. She loves canvas bags and she seemed to have found the stack of bags on top of the dryer. She was so cute. She slept there for a bit. She even repositioned and went back to sleep she liked the bags so much.

Around midnight I started cleaning up for my jewelry party the next day.  I'm bad at doing things early. I just never seem to want to do it when I have to.  But I did find that I like the USA shows on demand because they have a few 30 second commercials throughout the show. 30 seconds is the perfect amount of time to clean. Any longer and I hate it.  I didn't even clean on all commercials.  When you clean do you start and clean non-stop or do you break it up?  Do you clean one room at a time or jump all over the house cleaning a little bit here and there? 


  1. I really like that purple on you.

    I think if I lived closer, I'd have to come steal Poly. That cat is way too cute.

    When I clean, I usually get in a cleaning mode and can't stop until it's done. I tend to do certain things all at once, emptying all the trash cans, doing the floors, etc. So I guess in that case, I go all over the place rather than room by room.

  2. Salami and Cream Cheese roll ups are my favorite! Never used a cracker, sometimes use a green olive. :)

  3. Wow Nicole. I can't believe anyone else ever did it. Try it with a cracker but it has to be a saltine. Well I mean it doesn't have to be. But be careful because you will eat an entire row of crackers.

    I don't like olives so I never tried it with an olive.

  4. I actually found a guy at New Stanton when I worked there about 6 years ago that also loved this. He brought in a half pound of salami and a block of cream cheese and we sat and my desk for a half hour and ate the roll ups, haha.

  5. Hahaha. That'd be a fun break at work. Gotta try the crackers next time you snack though and let me know how it goes.