Tuesday, August 9, 2011

7.31 - Pie

Shirt: Gap, Jeans: Indi, Shoes Target 

I woke up and actually ran. While running and after I was thinking about how I should try to stay away from sweets so I crave them less. It has worked with my zebra cake addiction. I went a few days without them and now I haven't touched the box in the cupboard. But then at the same time, I thought how I wanted peanut butter pie just like Norwin Diner used to have. It's a peanut butter cream filling that is like a pudding with meringue on top. Oh so wonderful. Maybe 5 years ago, Dave and I made one. A few years before that (maybe 5 more), my mom made one once for me when I was having jaw troubles and couldn't chew. They were both wonderful. Nobody else seemed to like them.  Different recipes were used but the base did use a pudding mix.  I told Dave I thought we should make one. Then next thing you know, he wants to add chocolate. He doesn't want meringue. He's ruining my pie desire. He tells me my desire is crap. I don't want pie the other ways when I specifically want one like Norwin Diner had. If it was just random pie time, I might be OK.  I'm so annoyed.  Anyway we started making a pie that had a whipped topping versus meringue but the base might be pretty similar to the one I remember. It is thicker and didn't use pudding as a base.  It had to chill for 4 hours after we poured the batter in so we didn't get to make the topping and eat it.   I'm still mad about this.  I still want my pie. I wish restaurants had pie like this. I thick Dick's Diner does but I haven't been there in 10 years. K-Vays has it but only if that's what the baker felt like making that day. She switches up what pies she has.  I can order a pie and then that would be the day she also makes peanut butter pies for the restaurant.  I think I'm going to see if my parents can get me one of those for my birthday. Or my mom can make me one. Too bad my birthday is 2 months away.

Dave and I went to Five Guys for lunch prior to going to buy a pie pan and buy what ingredients we needed. Right before we are leaving for lunch, I'm outside taking my daily picture and I see Dave eating leftover pizza. He said it was past his lunch time so he was eating.  This annoyed me.  Everything seems to annoy me.   I mean I wanted to leave over an hour earlier but then there was pie recipe searching even though I found the one I wanted to make! So the wasted time recipe searching put us behind and we left for lunch so late. I was also mad because I hadn't even eaten since my run.

By the time we got home, it was 4:00.  We watched TV and I blogged.  By "watched TV" I mean Dave had some stupid Star Craft tournament going on the TV playing from the computer. He said a lot of it was epic. I swear he spent 20 hours total the entire weekend watching that crap.

Later we made pie.  Then back to watching TV.

I was exhausted from my running and just wanted to relax.

We ate leftover Pizza Hut for dinner. I also had salad.  I was still hungry later so I had some nachos. I was exhausted. Dave went upstairs since my show had 3 minutes left on it (Ice Road Truckers) and he was only willing to wait 1 minute. He watched his stupid Star Craft thing on the TV in our bedroom.   So when I went up 3 minutes later to read, I read though his noise. It was hard work. Those announcers were so annoying.  Now let me tell you that there is a 0% chance that Dave would let me have the TV on if he came upstairs to read. There is also only a 5% chance I could have the TV on in a room upstairs because it'd be too loud for his ears.

I figure I can complain all about Dave on here because he refuses to read my blog.  Also, he was rather annoying all day then gets mad that I am mean to him.  I did think it was nice of him to say OK when I said we should make pie. That was it. He also had me do stuff with the sprinklers even though he was home, but his Star Craft was just too important I guess.  He also made me endure watching that stupid Star Craft when we were downstairs. He also complained that the kitchen was a mess between stages of the pie making even though it was mainly because he leaves out all the ingredients he used.

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