Monday, August 29, 2011

8.13 Heading to Colorado

On Saturday, August 13, I had to went to Colorado.  I had to finish packing because I don't do nearly enough in advance  I learned a lot from my packing that I will post about later.

I wore athletic pants with a tank top. I went for comfort on the plane. Every other time I've flown, I've worn jeans. I wore a jacket around my waist in case it it was cold on the plane. I was planning for the flight well (which wasn't the case for the rest trip).

I left at 3:15 to head to the airport. Everything was smooth sailing once Timmy and I figured out where to go and walk. We had issues at Denver airport too. We just started at doors wondering which ones were should exit.  At Denver it took over 20 minutes for the luggage to show up. The airport is too slow.

Then we had a little over a 2 hour drive from the airport to Callie's. Oh the excitement. We were finally visiting. Oh what fun. We got to have fun with Callie and her dogs.  We stayed up really late. It felt like 3:30 AM (but it was only 1:30).  I can't believe I stayed up so late. Oh what fun to have friends to talk to (even if some of those friends are dogs they talk back too).

Poly was helping me pack
She didn't want me to forgot my electronics
When Timmy came up to the door to get me, Poly was peeping.
The flight. The leg room. I tried to read but only got through a paragraph because Timmy kept talking.

We had internet on the flight and tracked our flight.

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