Wednesday, August 24, 2011

8.13 - Weight Vest

I forgot to mention that on August 13 (or well after midnight but on August 14), we tried on Callie's weight vest.  That thing is rough to wear around. I really did think of getting one when Callie got hers. I thought they'd be fun to train in and make me a lot better.  Timmy thought a very similar thing too.

I'm thinking about getting a weight vest all over again. I just would be too afraid to wear it in public so then I wouldn't use it so then I guess I shouldn't get it. It sure would help improve my training and make races easier. I wonder if real people actually train with them. I guess they make them so people have to use them.

The top left picture has Reef. Apollo is resting his head on my lap in the picture below it.

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