Saturday, August 20, 2011



Dress: Athleta

I ran before work. Then I uploaded my data.  Poly sat on me even though I was all sweaty. She likes me. Sometimes I think she likes me more when I'm all gross.   I ran and then worked a bit in my sweaty clothes. Then shortly before 9, I showered for the day.  I had to get my shower in before core hours.  I also worked a bit before my run. It is fun to space it out. Then it doesn't feel like I worked so long.
Since it was Wednesday, I was able to telecommute. OK also since I didn't have meetings that I needed to be there in person for, I got to telecommute.  Since I telecommuted, I got a lot of pictures with Poly.  
At lunch, we watched TV.  Poly snuggled up beside Dave.  She was so cute just peeping over the arm rest.

My Lia Sophia order arrived.  I took pictures of me wearing everything I got.  They aren't the best pictures. I got one set of earrings but the rest were necklaces.  Some I liked better than expected and some I liked worse.

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