Monday, August 8, 2011

8.5 - Productive Day

I wore many outfits.  First I ran. Then I put on this dress ans sandals (Target + Walmart).
Then I mowed the lawn and wore my shorts I got in 7th grade with my tank from Target.  I mowed the lawn.

Then I put back on the dress and my Target sandals.
I had a busy day so that I could tell people about how productive it was.
I ran, did some stuff, mowed the lawn, sewed my shirt, hemmed Dave's pants, and then went to my parents for their picnic.  Sewing was hard because Poly kept getting into everything.
I didn't know what to wear to my family picnic.  I always try to get Dave to help me but he never answers. So this time I picked out a bunch and put them all on the bed and asked Poly to pick.  She came over and crawled on the one she wanted.  Then I knew what to wear.  The problem was that she wouldn't get off of it.  It is funny that she picked the dress I had on earlier that day.

I didn't take any pictures at my parents house. All the cousins were there too and that rarely happens. Jason wanted to knock apples off the tree. Mike helped him out with that.  Then they threw all the apples into the woods.  It looked tiring.  I took these pictures standing as far from the edge of the deck as possible and then reached my hand out to get the pictures.
After we got home, Poly knew it was time to read so she held the book down so we would pay attention to her instead of paying attention to the book.

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