Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Another 5 Miles (8.31.11)

So I ran another 5 miles today because I never do any more or any less it seems.  Today I ran with Kelly and April. I was late. I was so mad at myself for leaving a couple minutes late and then I get behind someone going 15 mph below the speed limit. Oh that was annoying.

Today the Garmin messed up at the beginning and didn't have our correct start location. I adjusted the data based on a conservative guess.

I was still pretty sore from body pump on Monday.  April was sore from Body Pump too.  Then when we ran down the big hill Kelly's knee started hurting again. We did pretty good considering.

Since we knew it was a bit messed up and there was a construction vehicle right at the bend, we didn't run the extra little bit to get it to exactly 5.  Today was much less of a struggle than my previous 2 runs. We also started much slower.  I will have to keep that in mind.  We started slower but at the end we weren't quite as fast overall anyway. We weren't going for speed today though. We were just going. We didn't discuss our goal times in advance. We aim for about 45 minutes for the 5 miles.

The next time I run will most likely be Saturday when I run a 5k. I wonder what time I'll get. I always want to beat 26 minutes but that only happened once.
There was no walking near the beginning. The dip was from the mess up GPS location.  Sometimes all this data is good but when it messes up it makes me mad.
It messed up. We started before the corrner
This week (today had an additional .05 extrapolated)

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