Saturday, August 6, 2011

A Day's Worth of Twitter

07:46:44 AM - I slept without socks on. I never do that. Less than I sleep in shorts did that too. It is far too hot at night. Our a/c needs to be cooler.
11:05:29 AM - I found really old shorts on my floor and decided to wear them today. Dave said I look pretty. My mom said I am cute. I guess I win.
11:42:29 AM - I don't have my garmin watch. HOW can I run without it tomorrow?
12:09:13 PM - I can't believe I forgot my garmin. Oh man I am sad
12:42:52 PM - On our way to Export and the check engine came on
02:24:15 PM - Water main break in Export today so no water in the restaurants for the celebration.
04:08:04 PM - Quality place when the restroom doubles as a storage place.
04:46:49 PM - Just left Export. I spent some time in Jiggers. Export has so much more than I remembered.
09:20:26 PM - Export is packed. 10 minutes until fireworks
10:45:06 PM - There were 3 grand finales to these fireworks.
10:46:13 PM - Wait it wasn't over.

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