Friday, August 19, 2011

A Day's Worth of Twitter

03:13:48 AM - I keep staying up too late.
11:40:09 AM - slept in until 9 Colorado time. I'm never going to be able to wake up for work the day after I get back.
04:08:43 PM - A small/medium belt is too small and a large belt is too big. no good. #wallmart
04:10:40 PM - @BodyMedia I always like to know who I treat at so thanks for the info.
04:12:27 PM - @BodyMedia it is nice in Colorado. I've been getting tons of steps in. Wed I'll be back in the burgh
04:13:29 PM - @katy_rose1 I'm behind didn't even see the questions yet. Vacation does that to you.
04:20:43 PM - @reedaboutme take pictures of it. It is your running battle wound.
04:26:01 PM - @reedaboutme the link doesn't work. I do remember trying that a few days ago too. Maybe it is just my phone.
04:49:48 PM - @BodyMedia when I hiked up Mount Elbert a storm was coming in but then it passed. We still retreated though. We didn't want to chance it
04:56:22 PM - @reedaboutme oh I got it to work. Even though it said the page doesn't exist if I signed in on that screen it worked.
08:55:56 PM - How we wait for @iamoddd to get home from work
11:57:30 PM - I don't know where my running watch is. I checked all my bags. I last had it in this house when I loaded numbers.

You can find me as @smilincolleen on Twitter.

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