Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Day's Worth of Twitter

02:06:53 AM - people are talking in the bathroom and I have to go to the bathroom so bad. sigh.
04:42:47 AM - oh boy i'm still awake.
04:47:33 AM - @mikecherepko I thought you went to go to sleep hours ago. Everyone here is asleep but I really want to win solitaire.
04:58:20 AM - Apollo is hogging the couch while @iamoddd is trying to sleep and she just said "ow ow ow" I should probably make him move.
05:01:12 AM - I'm too wide awake.
05:10:14 AM - All 3 dogs joined @TENroaches in bed and he is asleep and doesn't know how much to enjoy himself.
05:25:43 AM - Good ol' Huck joined me in bed.
11:26:17 AM - @BodyMediaFIT Too bad I'm on vacation and not at work so I can't come visit you guys. You got my twitter from someone at the fair last year.
11:34:57 AM - @BodyMediaFIT a few people at work have armbands. @iamoddd might get one soon. we are researching it now for her.
01:54:39 PM - @BodyMediaFIT is the code cheaper than amazon? Too bad @iamoddd is not a work friend. Can't get to the work wellness fair.
07:15:51 PM - It is far too hot in Denver. Stupid me wore jeans thinking I was going from Leadville weather to Pittsburgh weather. Ugh.
08:42:52 PM - Can't believe I missed it RT @polahbea: Just felt an earthquake
08:45:26 PM - About to take off. Will have 2:31 air time.

You can find me as @smilincolleen on Twitter.

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