Friday, August 26, 2011

A Day's Worth of Twitter

12:40:21 AM - Oh boy it got late. It was 10:30 the last time I was paying attention and I thought that was only 10 min ago.
09:05:20 AM - I used about 8 alarms and hit snooze a lot today. At least I semi wake up to turn it off not like Griff who turns them off w/o realizing
09:10:08 AM - @BodyMediaFIT swap arms now and then so 1 arm doesn't get a distinct dent or even a distinct tan line
09:33:49 AM - @TheNewChrissy when does tour class start?
09:48:51 AM - @kendieveryday I used to get domino until they quit having it.
01:27:58 PM - I'm tired
09:38:19 PM - Uh o. I napped for 3+ hours. Now I won't ever fall asleep for the night.
10:54:35 PM - @the_littlebit I know nothing about juice fasts so no idea. I only know Robin Quivers has done 21 day ones
11:17:28 PM - Ugh. Need to fall asleep. Long naps are the worst
11:35:06 PM - @missylizzylucy donuts are a favorite of mine too. I almost bought some today. The crowd stopped me
11:47:57 PM - @BL11Courtney do you know why Brett and Cara aren't returning?
11:54:19 PM - @the_littlebit yea 21 days is just far too long.

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