Monday, August 29, 2011

A Day's Worth of Twitter

09:46:08 AM - my desk at work is so messy I have to store things on my lap too.
11:25:27 AM - @reedaboutme hills are the worst
12:14:25 PM - @reedaboutme I don't live somewhere with Hill in the title but my husband always says we live in the mountains.
12:14:54 PM - @reedaboutme We went to Mt. Poconos for our wedding and thought it was so flat there. I did find a running spot that is mostly flat though.
12:20:01 PM - @BodyMediaFIT never done it. I run constantly or do intervals with run/jog. Might try HIIT sometime though.
01:21:28 PM - It is so cold in here in this a/c that I had to take off my metal necklace. it was just too cold on my skin.
07:03:33 PM - Pre-dinner snack = 10
07:11:14 PM - Oh man Pizza Hut drive through guy commented on my donuts.
10:10:01 PM - oh what timing. I finished writing my blog post, I hear the dryer beeping, and my show ends all within a minute.
10:21:18 PM - I just opened my propel and it exploded like a can of pop you shook would.

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