Sunday, August 7, 2011

Long Run Cut Short (6.53 mi)- 8.7.11

I spent the night at my parents and had the intention of running 10 miles but I forgot my Garmin watch and I NEED my data so I had to stick to a track or a loop I knew.  Well that got boring so I did 3 things and also only ran 6.53 miles instead of 10.

I started at Indian Lake. The sign says it is a 1/2 mile track but I remember the old sign gave it in feet and it was slightly over .5.  Therefore I used iMapMyRun for 1 loop to get a distance.

After I knew the distance and time for loop 1 for all the following loops I just used the timer on my phone and hit lap as I passed the same spot.   I was going to do 5 miles of this but instead stopped at 3.12.

Then I went to the track.  I did some intervals on the track.  I was going to do 3 of this but stopped at 2.25.

Then I went and ran the hill up to the middle school.  This was the "grade" in cross country. It was just a baby hill.   I actually thought it was bad running up it the first time but then it was over before I knew it.  Then I thought how it wasn't a big hill after all.  I said I'd do those hill repeats 3 times and I did.

I forgot how nice it was to run on a track. Almost all of my running splits were under 8 min pace but then the recovery lap was at about 10 min mile pace so that made the overall pace slow.

The hill repeats were what made my overall pace so slow.  I also didn't run full out going back down the hill. I was just jogging it.

I didn't even have a Garmin last year so I should have just gone to the trail I was hoping to go to.  I was just afraid that using iMapMyRun would kill the battery. I know it did after about 6 miles in the past. 
I left for my run before anyone in the family woke up. I woke up around 7:30 and it was raining so I waited a bit and wasted some time and it stopped raining.  I was hoping my family would still be asleep when I got home but they weren't. I would have seemed more accomplished if they were.

One of the reasons my run was cut short was because it was really muggy out. When I got home, my clothes were soaked in sweat. It wasn't a good day to run.

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