Thursday, August 25, 2011

Some things

How I ride in the car going around Cumberland Pass so I don't fall* over the hill.
During my vacation in Colorado, I realized there are things that I figured people knew about me but some do not.

  1. I am afraid of heights.  I'm so afraid that standing on a ladder 1 step up or standing on a chair is very annoying for me. My legs feel like they will go out from underneath me. If I'm high enough up, my stomach also feels it.  I never said my fear is rational.
  2. I listen to Howard Stern on my way to and from work and when I'm around Dave.
  3. Now what is more shocking (to me) than Howard Stern is that there are many mornings that I listen to Howard 101 (the channel) and listen to Farrell instead of listening to Howard (live). Farrell in the morning is just a replay of his live show the night before. He talks about sports. He plays music in the background and talks over it. He talks about games that are currently on or just sports stuff in general. Now if you know me, you know I don't watch sports and this past year I watched most Steeler games but past years I didn't even watch that.  I go to Pirate games just to eat not to watch sports.  I don't care about wrestling yet today on the way in, I was listening all about wrestling. Boxes might have been mentioned today too. I just love Farrell's voice. It's so awful that it's great.
  4. I don't walk outside barefoot. Heck I don't even walk around a house barefoot.  Sometimes I do walk around inside with just socks but I hate it. 
  5. I only just recently started wearing sandals at all.
  6. When I drink, I gulp. I cannot drink without making a gulping sound. It has been this way as long as I can remember.  Most of the time people don't notice because there enough noise that nobody hears but sometimes when eating, people are silent and then my gulping is noticeable.  The other night I was taking a drink before going to bed and Dave was asleep. My gulping woke him up.  When I'm on the phone, people know I'm drinking based on the gulp sounds.  My brother and husband make fun of me for this and often say "hey keep it down" or something to that effect to me.
  7. I cannot handle spicy food. Some food others don't think is spicy at all but I sure can tell. My nose runs. If it is hot enough my eyes water. I don't get sick or anything from it though.
Did you know all these things about me?

*BTW we wouldn't have fallen over the hill. Our car was feet from the edge. I can't tell you how much because I had to hide my face in the middle of the car and keep my eyes closed.  Just realized now that Reef and Apollo must have liked to look out my window. I didn't even know how they were sitting when we were driving up the pass.

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