Thursday, September 15, 2011

4.61 - North Park with Jen (9.15.11)

I ran again today with Jen. We did the same type of routine that we did 3 days ago. This time instead of starting the run/walk at 11 minutes we went a little further (18 minutes).  We did 3:1 the entire time until the cooldown walk around our cars.

We did the same loop as last time.  This time neither of us had a hard workout the day before. But this time we were both tired.

Our pace was very similar to last time.  Today we both got tricked and the end came before we expected it.  I guess that is good. Sometimes I run and keep hoping the end is soon and sometimes it is miles away.  Today each time I looked down and noted the distance I was shocked at how far we went.

Today it was pretty chilly so I wore my long sleeve shirt. I think I saw at least 5 other runners with the same shirt on.  Then I saw a few other runners with the half-marathon shirt from the year before. They are good shirts so everyone likes them.

I am still how shocked at how little walking adds to the time. I really need to try to run a race this way and see what happens.  Right now I feel like it wouldn't work for a shot distance and would work for a longer race like a half marathon. I also still feel like using the run/walk method is cheating.  Have any of you used Galloway's Run-walk-run method? What do you think of it?

Since our runs were so similar, I put the stats side by side.  Our slowest split time was the same. Today our slowest mile was 1 second faster than the slowest Monday.  Our fastest mile on Monday was 14 seconds faster than today.  All in all I think it was a good run and pretty consistent. 
The comparison screen shots (9/15 on top) show how we didn't do our first 1 minute walk break until further into the race.  Oh man do I love data and love comparing it.

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  1. I love comparing the data, too! This is really neat. And this run was so much easier than Monday's was.