Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Pants: VS
Shirt: Loft
Necklace: Walmart
Shoes: Payless (2005)

I went to the side of the house because the sun was too bright in the front or the back to get a decent picture.
I tried a few jumping shots and as you can see I failed at them all.
It was so hot in the morning that I got sweat marks on my shirt just went I was outside taking my daily picture.
After work, my necklace came. It matched. I wore it for the rest of the day.
I ran in the morning. It was really rough to get there at 6am. Then I worked. Then I got home, got my necklace, and immediately left again.  Dave and I went to a musical. We got downtown early and we went to dinner. We didn't know where to go but ended up at Six Penn.
We got free tickets to go see Jesus Christ Superstar. I hated it. I couldn't understand anything they were saying. I actually fell asleep in the 2nd half.  I probably shouldn't have gone but we were given 25 tickets and I wanted all of them to get used.  With leaving the day after, I should have taken the time to do stuff around the house and pack and stuff. Can't do anything about that now.

Do you ever go to plays or musicals that you end up hating?

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