Sunday, September 11, 2011

8.18 - DRIVING

Well I slept in a tent in the wilderness. Add that to my list of firsts from this vacation. The coloring is all wonky because of the lack of flash.  We hung out in the tent for a little bit before getting up.  I kept going back to sleep because nobody else was awake. Later we all learned that we were all doing that.
After we woke up, we got ready to head out. We didn't even cook breakfast.  The funniest part of the morning was when Timmy came back to the area saying how Reef came over and peed on him when he was peeing. He used rubbing alcohol to clean the pee.
Then we went to Irwin Lake to take some pictures.

Then we headed to Aspen via Pearl Pass.  After a long time the jeeps in front of us had car trouble and ended up stopping. Someone came to talk to us and then told us how we wouldn't make it to Aspen because on the other side of the pass, it is snow covered for 100 yards and we'd have to slide down it.  We decided against dying that way and turned around.
After Pearl Pass, I think we went up Cumberland Pass.  Then we we went back to Tin Cup and went up Tin Cup Pass.  There may have been one other Pass in there that we went up and failed and had to turn around.  Callie kept talking about how she kept having to eat her words.  She kept saying things like "you won't see that again" and then we did or "we won't be up to Tin Cup Pass again" and then we were.  While driving we talked about how we were eating dirt.
While drivin up the mountains I had to lean in to try to make me less afraid of falling over the cliff. My fear of heights sucks. I had on sunglasses but also had my eyes closed.
We went to St Elmo, a ghost town (another thing to add to my list of firsts).  After so long in the car and being covered in dirt I just didn't enjoy the ghost town.
Timmy learned how to drive a stick shift leaving the ghost town.   On our way home we stopped at some place and walked 15 minutes to see a waterfall and take some pictures.

We arrived at Callie's about 10 hours after leaving the camp site. If we went straight from one to the other without having planned stops, I think it would have taken about 3 hours.
After we got home, we had to bang off all the bags outside trying to get the dir off of them.   We got a lot off, but there was still a ton left.  We were also filthy.
After we finally made it home, we had grilled cheese and tomato soup.  Then Callie went and got Griff. She made him some and made herself seconds. She showed how to eat with class... out of the pot while sitting on the couch.  After playing some music, everyone was so tired. Even the dogs were exhausted from the day of traveling.

It kind of sucked being in a car all day but it was a great experience. Have you ever had a day on one of your vacations where nothing seemed to turn out right? 

To see more pictures click below or check out my picasa.

Pearl Pass
Tin Cup
Cumberland Pass

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