Saturday, September 17, 2011

8.21 - 8th Full Day in Colorado

Timmy and I started our day on our computers.  Later we walked downtown and picked up Callie's bags and then went to lunch.  Callie's dad had called Timmy. There were numerous phone calls made to get in touch with Callie and wake her up.  Her horse had broken it's leg.  I didn't see it but it was a bad break.  Callie and Will waited for the doctor to show up to put it down. But they didn't realize the doctor had a 3 hour church service he wouldn't skip so they were waiting around awhile. While we waited for Callie I took a little nap in the rocking chair and then went into bed and took a little nap.
Poor sad Callie. Reef knew and went over to chill with her.
There was more computer time. We almost went somewhere but that changed and Callie's cousin came to visit. He was nearby for some race and so he came over to visit. The last time he saw Callie's house was the week she moved in (I think) so it was has been awhile.  We all went to some Mexican restaurant for dinner.  I didn't like it. It was a bit too spicy for me. It was our third Mexican restaurant in the week and my least favorite. Everyone else liked it though. Timmy even ordered two dinners.

We were listening to comedians on youtube so that we knew all the references Callie and Griff were making. Then it was bed time.

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