Monday, September 19, 2011

9.10 - Not a Run

I hit snooze in the morning or so I thought. I actually turned off my alarm and didn't wake up for an hour. I immediately put on my running clothes thinking that would make me actually go running.  It did not.  After 4 or so hours, I changed into mowing clothes.  I mowed (which sucked) and then I raked and moved hoses and did other yardwork (that sucked worse).
Poly found the towels on our washer and just slept on them for hours.  The middle bottom picture had her looking at me but she didn't like the light from the camera so she covered her eyes.  What a cutey.    I balanced my checkbook for the first time in 7 months.  I went through all the bank statements to type it in. It was still off so I just put a line that said it was off and put in how much.  Now we are all good.  You would think with how obsessed I am with data and numbers that I would update my checkbook more and that I wouldn't just add a correction line. Oh well.

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