Saturday, September 24, 2011


Sweater and Jeans: Express, Shoes: Famous Footwear
No makeup.
Boring outfit.
I was going to wake up to run. I did not. I was pretty sore. I slept in.  I had all these intentions of tons of stuff to do. I didn't do any of it.  I even fell asleep around 1 so I watched the Steeler game on delay.
After the game, my parents visited. My dad kept me cleaning and organizing the junk in the garage that should have been put away ages ago.
While they were here, we snacked. I tried this jalopeno cheese spread I bought. The first bite had me coughing. I said it was spicier than I expected. My mom then informed me that my face had turned purple from it. Oh boy. Too bad they didn't get a picture of that. Since I thought it was so spicy, the rest of my family had to try it. They all thought it was spicy and they can usually tolerate such spicy food and sometimes there are things that I say are spicy and they don't think they are spicy at all.
My parents left at 6:30 and then it was time for dinner. I started getting all the windows updates for my newly installed Windows.  Everything was a slow process since I had to keep leaving the computer to do things or socialize and then I didn't realize that it was waiting for me to click something.  It'll be a week before I get everything set up at my current pace.

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