Friday, September 9, 2011


Shorts: Mudd but no idea where I got them or when. Maybe they just appeared on my closet floor
Shoes: Target
Shirt: NY&Co.
What a nice 9/80 day off. I did a lot of laundry. I went to lunch with Dave.   I took a nap.
 I probably did other stuff. I have no idea what I did for dinner or what I did all evening and this was 2 days ago.

Oh I did watch Necessary Roughness and Royal Pains. I stayed up too late watching them all.
Here is the small table and chairs I bought a few weeks ago. I didn't have a picture to post then.  It is small, but it at least seats 4 which was better than what was there that sat 0. :) Now if only it wasn't going to rain everyday so I could invite some people over to use this.

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